Here you can find some examples of our achievements for different areas: the creation of moulds for food (in this case a waffle iron mould), the assembling of mechanical parts for a high design table, and the production of reeds for glass blowning or shower cubicles.
You can get an idea about the way we work, our skills and versatility of our team in the precision machining as well as in the design and production of moulds or in the co-design of projects in the food industry, furniture and design sectors.

Our company is able to satisfy the most demanding customers: the objective was creating special food waffles with unusual shapes and designs. Thanks to highly specialized machines and experience of the technical staff, Carraretto is able to offer waffle moulds with the shape required.

This equipment for glass processing is called in jargon "blowing pipe" or "glass rod" and is constituted by a tube length of about 140/150 cm of diameter varying between 2/4 cm, drilled internally. The barrel allows the glass blowing.

This is an example of collaboration between our company and the University of Padua, which has led to the study and development of a special production technique, fast and cheap, that enables the production of small series of metal sheet's parts.

Not needing any mould, the SPIF technique is ideal for rapid prototyping or small batch production.