Thanks to the know-how acquired in thirty years of experience in this sector, our company is able to produce prototypes, small and big series on client's request. Speaking of which, we have already collaborated with the University of Padua, as well as with various companies throughout Italy, Europe and America. 

The advantages of prototyping and pre-series production

We work in collaboration with the client, with the utmost seriousness from the beginning to the end of the project. The prototype making is a good way to test a product before the final output and allows us to identify any problems or improvements needed. In the mould manufacturing, then, the production of big or small scale pre-series allows us to evaluate the efficiency of the mould itself and to improve its performances.

The production of prototypes and small series needs differents steps:

  • Examination of client's ideas and goals
  • Feasibility study
  • Product and mould designing
  • Prototype making
  • Production of big and small scale series

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